Members | Zhan Lab

Yang Zhan

Principal Investigator, Ph.D. University of Cambridge The lab works with multidisciplinary approaches to understand the circuits underlying behavior.

Yulin Ouyang

Ph.D. University of Liverpool Yulin works on the brain micro-environment changes underlying Alzheimer models. She applies two-photon microscopy to understand interactions between neurons and glial cells.

Zhiling Li

Ph.D. KU Leuven, Belgium Zhiling works on the interaction between guts and nervous systems. She is interested in the cell types and functions in the bowel and applies electrophysiological and optical methods.

Yong Tang

BS Hunan Chinese Medical University Yong works on electrophysiology and circuit manipulation using virus-based optogenetic and phamarcogenetic tools. He also supports technical requirement of the lab.

Zihao Chen

MS University of York, UK Zihao has a psychology background and understands the behavioral changes in relation to neural circuit manipulation. He also analyzed behavioral and electrophysiological data by statistical methods.

Yechao Han

MS Zhejiang University Yechao has a biomedical engineering background and performs electrophysiology and optical observations of the neural activities under freely-behaving conditions. He applies signal processing methods to understand the neural data. Yechao also works on the application of nanomaterials in neural stimulation.

Zezhong Lü

Ph.D. Candidate, MS Three Gorges University Zezhong works on the interaction between glia and neuron by molecular and cellular perturbations to the cells.

Yuyao Sun

MS student, BS Southwest University, China Yuyao works on cognitive tasks and understands neural circuit in relations with specific behavioral changes. She analyzes behavioral data and performs electrophysiology.

Xinnian Wang

MS student, BS Zhengzhou University Xinnian applies optogenetic approaches to investigate behavioral and electorophtsiolgocial changes of specific neural circuit.

Dan Lü

MS student, BS Heilongjiang University Dan works on cognitive tasks by behavioral and electrophysiological methods. She also works on the application of novel materials for neuroscience studies.

Yonglin Dou

MS student, BS Shandong University of Science and Technology Yonglin has a computer science background and he uses machine learning and signal processing methods to analyse the functional connections in the brain.